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Im gegenteil, the German dating website on a go-slow Life and. This potentially lucrative lunch is the perfect opportunity to bag some 1­1 time with top tech investors in a speed dating format. May 3, 2014. A Berlin-based website has decided to slam the brakes on speed-dating by creating in-depth, polished profiles of its users, writes Michael.

STARTUPNHT SPEED DATING Startupnht Subsequently, the results of the discussions will be presented to all participants and then all trainees are free to visit the Fruit Logistica fair on their own. Our speed dating will feature VCs and corporates from b companies, and. There will also be an opportunity to meet Christoph Räthke, founder of Berlin.

Application 2017 • International Relations - A Master This year the meetings with the selected exhibitors are to be organized for the first time as a speed-dating event. Study International relations at Freie Universität Berlin, one of Europe's leading. you will meet your peers and explore the fascinating city of Berlin twice a year.

Speed dating berlin:

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